Matt 6:10 “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.


Kingdoms will rise, kingdoms will fade but the Kingdom of Jesus will be forever.

Many times we wonder and ask “Where is God with all the problems in our world today?” As a matter of fact, some came to the conclusion that there is no God and if there is one he does not love us. Or why are we experiencing famine, war, threats of war, death, hatred, injustice?

The answer remains the same – There is God. We, however, need to acknowledge and allow Him. When it seems like God is silent then we first need to check ourselves if we had already deviated from him. There are problems, but when we allow the prince of peace to reign, we can rest assured that we are in good hands. We are resting on a ruler who has our best interests at heart. He will not force himself on us, we have to invite him to come and reign.

More than ever, this is the time that we need the Prince of peace to establish His righteous and flawless Kingdom. We need Him to arise, wipe away all tears, and heal our land. In Jn 18:36, Jesus said: “My kingdom is not of this world”.

Let us pray like Nicole C. Mullen sang in her album “Holy Captivated”, Let thy kingdom come, let thy will be done, come set up your throne as it is in heaven. When we pray like this, we are taking prevailing steps against the devil and his dark kingdom under which the earth is groaning in pain. We are emphasizing and securing the leadership of Jesus in every aspect of our lives.

We also need to pray for our leaders – homes, schools, families, churches, communities and nations. The bible says in Romans 13:1 “There is no authority except that established by God”. Dan 2:21 makes us understand that He alone removes kings and sets up kings.

According to the book of Acts 13:21-22, He removed Saul and made David King. The point here is that we need to spend more time praying for and about our leaders than talking. We need to pray that they will rule with fear of God fully grounded in them. Not leaning on their own understanding, not taking wrong steps, not making wrong decisions and not leading astray. Not their will but that the will of God will always prevail in words, actions, and decisions.

If you are a leader in one capacity or the other and you are reading this, it is an opportunity to reflect on your position. Are your actions subject to the authority of God or all about self: me, mine and I? Knowing fully well that your action affects everyone under your leadership, be reminded that you will one day stand before your maker to give an account of what you did or did not do in the position given to you.

We all need to totally release our hearts, lives, homes, and lands – to the Lordship of Jesus. Then he can take charge and bring the peace that passes all understanding and fix damages done by self, satan, and sin. If we say Jesus is our Lord, we need to let him reign in every aspect of our lives: our words, action, finances, character. It’s a pity so many of us acknowledge his leadership but never allow or follow him. It’s not just words of mouth, it must be done from our heart.

We should invite the Lord Jesus as Funmi Taiwo sang in her upcoming album “Jesus you reign on high, you are Lord come reign in my life”. The song acknowledges the supremacy of the reign of Jesus and prays that he reigns in our lives. When the Prince of peace is allowed, we will experience his peace which passes all understanding – in the midst of any storm. A nation that allows the reign of Jesus will experience calmness, even if there is storm, battle, or war, the prince of peace will take over and turn it around. Healing broken hearts, restoring, wiping away tears, turning sorrow into joy, making a place of war to become a place of peace.

Lord we invite you to reign in our hearts, lives, and nations. We acknowledge you and say yes you are our Lord.