Praise Your Way Through

Anyone can praise God and be joyful when all is going well – Good job, fat paycheck, sound health, well-behaved children e.t.c. The test of a grateful heart is when things are not really looking too well – joblessness, health crisis, addiction struggle. It takes strong faith and attitude to praise God in a time like this. The writer of Habakkuk 3: 17-19 makes it clear by saying “Even though the fig tree shall not blossom yet I will rejoice in the Lord”. We like the writer can say ‘Though I am not getting expected results now, even though the job did not come through, I’ll still rejoice in the Lord.   Let’s ask God for strength to remain joyful in hope, and faithful in suffering. Surely God will see us through; He will provide sustaining strength through every challenge. Lift your voice and praise him. Magnify him above every challenge and situation. Don’t let a difficult situation press you down, rather, choose to show the challenge how great God is by lifting him up. As of old, he will show himself strong on your behalf one more time.