Lord you’ve been there I know you care

I’m certain you’ll be there for me

You see my heart, you hear my cry

No one to take my shame my pain but you Jesus

You know me more than I know myself

You’ll pick me up I have no fear

When I am falling, when I am failing

I know I’ll rise again because of you Jesus


I (lean on you) 3x

Oh-oh-oh ( I lean on you) 3x

Oh-oh-oh (I lean on you) 3x

Oh-oh-oh Jesus



I won’t give up, you didn’t give up

But when you gave up it was for me

Lord you love me so you saved me

You took my shame my pain to the cross with you Jesus

Give me your hand and I’ll hold on

Give me your shoulder and I’ll cry on

I will pull through I will make it I know I’ll rise again because of Jesus

Chorus: I lean on you…

Bridge: Jesus 8x

Chorus: I lean on you

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