Be praised o God

Be lifted high

Be magnified in this place

Be praise o God 2x


We are your children we come before you

We are your children we gather here at your feet

Come take your place 2x

Be praised o God 2x

Chorus: Be praised o God 2x

Bridge I:

Be praised o God – be praised o God 2x

Be praised in our midst – be praised o God

In our lives in our homes-be praised o God

Bridge II:

Be praised 3x

King of glory – be praised 3x

Take your place – be praised 3x

In our lives – be praised 3x

Take all the glory-be praised

Take all the honor-be praised

Be lifted high-be praised

In our lives – be praised

Be glorified – be praised

Be magnified – be praised

All the time-be praised

In our lives- be praised

all the time Рbe praised